Tenants fees

Standard administration including reference fees are as follow:

Couples administration including reference fees are £420 inc vat per couple

Single person administration including reference fees are £330 inc vat per person

Company administration fees are £480 inc vat

We do not break down our fees they are set fees structure.

Should you have a CCJ (County Court Judgement) or Bankruptcy please make OAUK aware of this before viewing a property and before paying reference fees.

Exceptions to fees (additions)

Higher priced properties above monthly rental of £1800, stated fees may apply and will be of a higher than that of the normal standard fees. Fees would be stated clearly in the advertisement.

Lower priced properties which monthly rental is below our standard fees discounts to fees will apply.

Guarantor fees £95 inc vat

Note: A Guarantor can be requested by landlords on occasions where risk maybe evident. This can be because of self-employment, probation periods at work or your confirmed income is slightly under the what is a guideline of income for the property rental. Or a guarantor can be requested by the landlord without reason and just as a safety precaution in case you did not pay your rent. It is the landlord’s discretion to accept guarantors for tenants. The guarantor must be a UK based citizen and own their own home in the UK.

Check out fees £90 inc vat

As a general rule of thumb if we have checked you into a property or manage the property, when you leave the property our check out fee of £90 will be payable to us. The landlord could otherwise claim the £90 check out fee.

Tenancy Agreement renewal £90 inc vat 

If the landlord requests us to renew your tenancy agreement we will charge £90 inc vat. Normally landlords renew tenancy agreements themselves without charges being applicable. Note also this is not the initial tenancy agreement that's included in your first fee.

Inventory check £180 - £280 inc vat (depending on the size of the property)

We do not normally as standard complete an Inventory unless specifically requested by landlords or if we manage the property. You will be informed if there is an inventory fee that is payable in addition to the standard.

Company reference fees £ applicable on let (normally £480 inc vat)

If a company is only a guarantor and the tenant is expected to pay the utility bills and or rent. Then administration reference fees would apply for individuals. Final costs will depend on the property value and amount of tenants moving in. We also normally ask companies to list their employees on tenancy agreements in addition to the company name.

Administration fees; £20 inc vat is chargeable per request of copy tenancy agreements, money transfers and reference requests and or administration tasks after a tenancy started and not before. In regards to copy documents if this has not been sent before no fee will be payable.

Shared costing is used on occasions where it would be unfair to a landlord or tenant to pay full costs of our agency service as it may seem too expensive to either party and the let would not complete.

What Happens next?

Once you have found a property you like, the rent, deposit, move in date will be agreed.

You will be sent an invoice for the agreed administration and reference fees. You will be aware of any exception fees. All potential tenants will need to send us their personal phone number, email and names.

Once you have paid your reference fees we will send you a link from our referencing company rent4sure (on occasions we will undertake referencing ourselves, but this is very rare and maybe that you are moving into the UK).

We ask that you complete the referencing links from rent4sure within 24-48 hours. Failure to complete referencing information requested could result in failure of referencing.

As standard rent4sure will check your credit score, employment income and landlord reference. We will be able to see credit information and previous address history. We cannot advise you how good your credit or give an outcome of your reference before its even begun.

The results of your referencing will be discussed with landlord.

Once a successful referencing has been passed, we will then process tenancy agreements and all administration duties for legisaltion. You will be sent a rent  (non refundable deposit) and deposit demand notice. The rent will be held as non refundable deposit and when you move in this will then become the first months rent. The deposit will normally be logged in a secure government backed deposit protection scheme on behalf of the landlord. If we are not logging the deposit the landlord by law has to.

As standard you will be sent a prescribed information form (deposit form), tenancy guide to deposits, right to rent guide and tenancy agreement. We can accept signed scanned copies. The tenancy agreement must be witnessed by someone you know (not either of the tenants).  The tenancy agreement will be authorised by us or the landlord after we have received the document from you.

You will need to send us a copy of your identity and proof of current address. A passport, EEA/EU identity card, driving license and one utility bill, mobile phone bill or HMRC document proving your address. Under government legilsation we must check immigration status of all people renting properties.

On some occasions after successful referencing has been received we pass you directly to the landlord and the landlord will deal with all administration from that point.

Normally a check in time and date will be arranged directly with us or the landlord.

Frequent Questions Asked

Question: Will I passreferencing?

We cannot tell you if you will pass referencing before referencing has commenced as we do not know your exact income, credit score or landlords reference outcome. However, before you visit a property you would on gone through short criteria questionnaire and your annual income would of been asked and based on the information given to us, we would of assessed whether you can afford the property rental before even viewing the property. We do not take reference fees if we believe you would fail reference checks. We do ask for honesty from all parties concerned beforehand and when we ask you questions you should answer them truthfully and inform us of any concerns. 

Question: Is it possible to fail referencing?

Should you have a CCJ (County Court Judgement) or Bankruptcy please make unaware of this before viewing a property and before paying reference fees. You would almost certainly fail referencing.

Question: What is your refund policy?

Refund policy: There are no refunds for fees unless under exceptional circumstances where a proven error has been made by us or the property has been taken off the market.

Question: Can you breakdown the fees?

We do not break down our fees, they are a set fees structure. We can tell you that withinin the fees, normally the following services are undertaken on your behalf:  references, credit scores, employment checks, income checks, initial tenancy agreements, deposit logs, right to rent checks, identity checks, check ins, money transfers and all administration. Rare exceptions can apply – see exception to fees.

Question: Do I still need to pay the fees if I pay in advance?


Question: Where I make rent and or deposit payments to?

Your initial payment of rent and deposit is normally collected by us and you would be sent a rent and deposit demand notice which would clarify the bank details. If we manage the property you would continue to pay the designated account given, however, you will normally pay the future rents into the landlords account directly and you can discuss this with your landlord. Rest assured you would be made fully aware if we manage the property.

Question: What happen to my deposit?

It is against the law to not log a deposit and the landlord or agent can be fined if they have not logged your deposit. You should also complete a prescribed information form and have been given a tenant’s guide to deposits. If we log the deposit on behalf of the landlord we would use the government backed www.depositprotectionscheme.com you can phone them for any advice on deposits. You would be notified if the landlord logs the deposit directly.

Question: I thought there was a lettings fee ban, so why am I being charged?

There is a proposed lettings fee ban or cap and this is under consultation with the UK governments housing minister, we understand that the government is still in talks with relevant industry experts.  No ban on letting agents fees has been concluded or enforced by law. Therefore it is not illegal for letting agents to charge fees.

Question: What happens next after paying letting fees? 

The answer to this is covered in the 'What happens next' section on this web page?

Question: Why am I being asked for my identity documents?

There is a document called the Right to rent guide which is a government document which will explain in detail why you are being asked to verify your identity. Basically, the agent or landlord need to check that you are not in the UK illegally and that your identity is verified to confirm your immigration status.

Right to Rent Guide

The Deposit Protection Service Tenants Guide

Prescribed Information Form (Custodial)

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